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What is content marketing?

Marketers aim to build both an emotional and transactional relationship with the customer. We will help you create content that builds the emotional relationship to deliver the transaction. Content that lets you start talking more to your prospects; lets you engage in conversations; lets you leverage it to gain mind and market share
Marketers across the world are increasingly realizing the crucial role that content can play in influencing a purchase decision. We can assist you to build effective content to help prospects cross over to your side and never leave.

Growing importance of content marketing

More than 50% of marketers say content marketing will be among top three marketing objectives. The main purpose of content marketing is to increase engagement, brand awareness and drive traffic.

How much do organizations spend on Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is emerging as an important marketing tool for marketers across the world. In some markets like the US and UK, estimates are that over 20% of the marketing budgets are allocated to content marketing. In India, the percentage is likely to be lower. B2B companies allocate a larger percentage of their budget for content marketing than their B2C counterparts. However that is mostly due to the fact that B2C companies have a larger marketing budget and in absolute terms B2C companies so spend as much if not more on content marketing.

Is CM measurable?

Certainly. Content Marketing is relatively new and therefore universal accepted measures are still emerging. We at Knobly Media believe that measures need to be developed on a case to case basis. The standard measurement parameters are increase in traffic to the web site, social media sharing, quality of sales leads and SEO ranking.