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12 questions you should ask yourself about your content marketing efforts

By E Abraham Mathew

Most marketers understand the importance of content in an organizations marketing efforts. As a result, quite a bit of content does get produced. However the quality of most of the content produced is not good enough. Are marketers really satisfied with their current efforts? Is there a nagging doubt that you can do better with your content creation efforts?

Ask yourself these 12 questions about content marketing to determine whether you can make a difference.

Content effectiveness:

  1. Do you really know your customer's information needs?
  2. Are you creating content on a sustained basis?
  3. Is your content engaging?
  4. Does your content help in solving the customers problem?

Content for specific campaigns:

  1. Have you identified a realistic campaign goal?
  2. What information / content will you disseminate?
  3. How will you distribute the content?
  4. Have you created a mechanism for measuring success?

Creation of content assets:

  1. Do you have an annual plan for creating content assets?
  2. Have you determined the mix between white papers and case studies?
  3. Have you build the business case for change?
  4. Have you provided in-depth product info so that you can be short-listed for evaluation?

In order to be effective with your content efforts, marketers will need to tackle some if not most of these issues.